Triple Crown Award

The Prize is awarded annually to the male and female archer in both the Olympic and Compound Divisions with the best combined achievements in the California State Indoor, California State Outdoor and the Pacific Coast Championships in the Senior Divisions. The Masters Divisions also have an award called the Trilogy.
The prize consists of the Triple Crown Trophy, a beautiful ceramic designed and cast by a noted California archer and artist, and a monetary prize for the Seniors. For the Masters, an item of interest and a monetary award.


Year Recurve Men Recurve Women Compound Men Compound Women
2019 Christopher Garcia Janet Dykman Reza ZamaniNejad
2018 Arsi Arceo Janet Dykman Keith Baggett Alanna Dunaway
2017 Micah Ting Katherine Kim Justin Clarke Tina Monkarsh
2016 Micah Ting Janet Dykman Noel Oliver Alanna Dunaway
2015 Jason Weng Janet Dykman Noel Oliver Alanna Dunaway
2014 Arsi Arceo Jenna Ahn Noel Oliver Alanna Dunaway
2013 Arsi Arceo Janet Dykman Alanna Dunaway
2012 Andrew Sy Irina Hunton Peter Amnauaypayoat
2011 Daniel Holstein Carissa Dragan Noel Oliver Paige Pearce
2010 Ezra Wheeler Carissa Dragan Chris Oosterlinck Paige Pearce
2009 Ezra Wheeler Eileen Raycroft Mark Polling Stacy Pearce
2008 Ezra Wheeler Janet Dykman Chris Oosterlinck Alanna Dunaway
2007 Rick McKinney Dori Troyan
2006 Ken Downey Dori Troyan
2005 Jeffrey Zhang Dori Troyan Rogelio Hermisillo


Year Recurve Men Recurve Women Compound Men Compound Women
2014 Douglas Baldwin Diana Dancz Robert Atchley Dawnel Scott
2013 Courtney Walth Robert Atchley Lisa Pole
2012 Oracio Crisanto Robert Atchley Sheilah Bomar