SAC Board Seeking Board Members

June marks the time of year when SAC Board members are elected. So now is the time to place your name in the hat if you are interested in volunteering and serving as a board member. All SAC and collegiate members are eligible to hold a board position. The Executive Board consists of nine members. Executive Board Officers are the President, Vice President and Secretary. The Treasurer is appointed. A minimum of two candidates for any elected position is required, otherwise positions with a single or no candidate may be appointed. Elections will be held in June to include all eligible voting members.

Job Description of SAC Board members

Some requirements to consider include:

  1. Attendance at three (3) Board meetings in the calendar year.
  2. Serve on at least one SAC  Committees established by the President, e.g. JOAD; Collegiate; Award; Tournament Development.
  3. Be present at 50% of the SAC standing tournaments
  4. Have a working email and telephone 
  5. Attend the annual public meeting at the State Outdoor, and the annual board meeting held mid-state.

Board Members are expected to bring a passion for archery, good judgement, wisdom, an eagerness to participate/serve, a willingness to prepare for meetings and then follow up on action items and most importantly to listen to the membership and represent them to the best of your ability.  

If you are interested in becoming part of SAC Board, please submit your bio and photo to [email protected] by April 28, 2020

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