Imperial Valley Archery Club, has two Level 3 NTS-Coach, one, Level 2 Intermediate Archery Instructor and three Level 1 certificate for USA Archery; FRANCISCO J. GOMEZ AMPARO GOMEZ, DANIEL LEMUS, ERNESTO GOMEZ, ANAI LEMUS and ISRAEL ROSETE, Actually, IVAC has the Archery range on Jacques ‘N Jills Health Club, on 220 Wake Ave. El Centro Ca. Phone number 760-234-2451 and 760-222-7294 and EL CENTENARIO PARK,in Mexicali, Baja California Phone number 01152-686-137-2762 and 01152-686-265-3964 We have J.O.A.D/A.A.A/EXPLORER ¬†Programs; ¬†Mission Club: Promote the Sport of Archery throughout the Imperial Valley and Mexicali, Baja California both at the level of Fun as competition with programs supports by USA Archery. All Archers are welcome and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.