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Hello State Archers of California,

We would like to apologize that we have not been as active in communication to you as we had planned originally.  First, I want to update you on some changes in the B.O.D. since the elections.  Jason Connor stepped down in the South Region and Kurt Hoberg has been appointed to fill Jason’s spot.  Also Paige Pierce stepped down in the North Region and Rick Carfrae has been appointed to her position.  We welcome the knowledge of archery both Kurt and Rick bring to the Board.

The B.O.D. has been working very diligently with the assistance of USA Archery all last year to get our By-Laws updated.  This was done while we continued to work on our State Tournament Host Agreement. The agreement and bid application are now finalized.  We have heard your comments and concerns in the past of how several tournaments were managed and this is the reason for the Host Agreement.  We also become aware that our By-Laws required a bid process to take place.

Tournaments have been put out to bid for 2021.  The first of the Tournaments that were out to bid was State Outdoor. We received two bids — one from the University of Pacific (Central Region) and the other from Golden State Archers (North Region).The B.O.D met on April 18, 2021 to review both bids.  After review, a vote was made to award Golden State Archers to host the 2021 SAC State Outdoor tournament. Eight of the nine board members were included in the vote which represented a quorum. Vote results were 4 Yes, 1 abstains and 3 members had no vote due to potential conflict of interest.

Tournament bids for Pacific Coast Championship 2021 will need to be submitted to the B.O.D. Secretary no later than July 15. 

Some more great news to share – a host contacted the board with the potential of hosting a State Indoor event for 2021. This event will potentially be held in October. We will be accepting bids from potential hosts.   These bids will need to be submitted to the B.O.D. Secretary no later than (July 15). 

Additionally, any host wishing to submit bid(s) for the 2022 State Indoor Championships, State Outdoor Championships, and Pacific Coast Championships need to be received by July 1, 2021. All bids should be submitted to the SAC Secretary.

More news to share:

To promote archery for other disciplines and due to space requirements for some events, we are running out of space.  For 2021 we will be trying a new format. We will be bringing back Yeomen and barebow for all youth ages.  With the sport of archery getting more and more popular especially in the barebow class, we felt what better way to promote archery than bring back this discipline to our tournaments. 

The new format is:

Yeomen, Bowmen, and Cubs will shoot a 72 arrow tournament on Fridays and receive awards directly after their tournament.  On Saturday and Sunday, we will have Cadets, Juniors, Collegiate, Seniors, and Masters shoot for their 1440.  Barebow for these age groups will shoot all four distances at 50 Meters.  The B.O.D. hopes that this format will work for everyone.  We do know it is hard for the Yeomen, Bowmen, and Cubs to make a Friday shoot, but hope you understand that we want to provide an opportunity for all age groups to shoot and rank in the state.

Town Hall meeting update:

We had our Central Town Hall Meeting in April. We heard from a few archers on their concerns with Covid, Barebow, and other subjects.  Our next Town Hall Meeting will be for the South Region on May 8th at 6:00pm.  We will introduce the B.O.D. and then go over some of the changes you are seeing with a question and answer session in the last 30 minutes of the meeting.  If you have specific questions, you can ask during the meeting or email ahead to the B.O.D. President so he can appoint the best B.O.D. member to answer the question at the meeting.  We will be muting everyone on the call, but there will be a chat that will be monitored by our Secretary.  North Region Town hall will be June 12th 6:00pm.  Please check your email for a ZOOM invitation to your Region’s Town Hall meeting.

In closing, I want to make sure everyone is aware we have a new website ( This is where you can find our newsletters, meeting minutes, state rankings, clubs, and much more.  We look forward to serving you and hearing from you.


Justin Clarke

State Archers of California
Board of Directors

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