Gottlieb Award

Created in 2006, the Gottlieb Award is presented to the male and female compound champions of the SAC Outdoor Championships.
The award is named in honor of Sandy Gottlieb, one of California’s most accomplished archers.
The prize consists of the trophy and a cash award.

Year Men Women
2019 Reza ZamaniNejad Alanna Dunaway
2018 Steven Ocegueda Kelly Collin
2017 Reza ZamaniNejad Kelly Collin
2016 Chris Oosterlinck Alanna Dunaway
2015 Matthew Zumbo Alanna Dunaway
2014 Reza ZamaniNejad Alanna Dunaway
2013 Greg Pool Carmen Jaime
2012 Chris Oosterlinck Carmen Jaime
2011 Chris Oosterlinck Paige Pearce
2010 Chris Oosterlinck Paige Pearce
2009 Chris Oosterlinck Sheilah Bomar
2008 Chris Oosterlinck Carmen Jaime
2007 Chris Oosterlinck Josahan Jaime
2006 Michael Wann Carmen Jaime