Easton Award

The Easton Award is awarded annually to the recurve male and female champions of the California State Outdoor
The prize is named in honor of Doug Easton, in 1939, Doug Easton introduced the archery world to the Easton aluminum arrow that revolutionized the archery industry worldwide.
The prize consists of the trophy and a cash award.

Year Men Women
2019 Christopher Garcia Katherine Wu
2018 Arsi Arceo Janet Dykman
2017 Matthew Zumbo Sarah Et
2016 Sun Ziya Kim Kyungwook
2015 Matthew Zumbo Jenna Ahn
2014 Arsi Arceo Jenna Ahn
2013 Matthew Zumbo Carissa Dragan
2012 Nick Kale Sarah Chai
2011 Joshua Smith Carissa Dragan
2010 Matthew Zumbo Hye Park
2009 Scott McKechnie Katuna Lorig
2008 Scott McKechnie Victoria Kheel
2007 Scott McKechnie Janet Dykman
2006 Scott McKechnie Victoria Kheel
2005 Rick McKinney Kate Anderson
2004 Scott McKechnie