California State Outdoor Championship Tournament

Archers, Coaches and Athletes~
As we all know, it has been a difficult year to host archery events. State Archers of California’s Bylaws, are clear to the process in which ranking is to be acquired each year, (See below). With the cancellation of Pacific Coast Championships, and the inability to host the Cotton Boll Classic this year, we are unable to have rankings for 2020!

State Indoor Championships, Cotton Boll Classic, State Outdoor Championships and the Pacific Coast Championships

Ranking Tournaments. In any year, ranking tournaments shall be those tournaments named above herein as standing tournaments and any other tournament(s) in that year that is designated as a ranking tournament by the Executive Board.

2.1 Publication of Changes. Any change to the listing of ranking tournaments for any year must be published in the S.A.C. newsletter in the year preceding the change.

Each registered archer should have received an update from the tournament host, Sante Fe Trail Archers as to options that are available. Should you wish to not attend a tournament in October, you must request in writing, your wish to be refunded.

The host is still working on the possibility of being able to host an event, just not the State Outdoor Championships, hopefully in October. Keep your eyes open for more information on all of our social media accounts. (i.e. facebook and instagram)

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