CANCELLED ~ 2020 Grapestakes Tournament


Archers, Parents and Coaches,

Due to a variety of restrictions that have been placed upon us by our county, along with the State of Ca. restrictions due to COVID-19 we have had to make this hard decision to cancel the event.  Foremost, we are doing this as we feel it is the best interest of the athletes and their families. Your health and safety comes first, and this matters to us!

The social distancing, face masks, temperature checks, and sanitation requirements pose challenges that we are unable to maintain.  The event would require only two archers per target, seating 6 feet apart, face masks, and only 1 guest per family. Volunteer staffing would need to monitor so many different aspects of the event from seating six feet apart, to having guests/family members/coaches stay seated or remaining offsite if guests/parents exceed requirements.

Travel restrictions are still in place for many of our counties and CDC guidelines  recommend that we do not bring individuals from various geographical locations together which have higher cases of COVID-19 than others. Again it is about the health and safety of the athletes.

Refunds will be processed between Sunday June 28th and Saturday July 4th minus the program fees beyond our control.

We wish you all continued health and look forward to getting back to archery as soon as it is safe for ALL athletes to participate.

We are having an on going discussion with our County Health Officer, Parks Department, State of California officials and USA Archery with our concerns, COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly in Sacramento County as well as LA counties. CDC recommends avoiding non-essential travel. Restrictions currently in place at Discovery Park are no social gatherings of larger than ten(10 individuals) no picnics, no BBQ, no team sports, maintaining a minimum of six(6) feet spacing, and washing hands frequently.

Kind Regards

Lisa, Rick & Justin
Wilderness Golden State JOAD

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